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Hey, there! I was thinking about httyd the other day, specifically the Kill Ring scene. When Hiccup tries to show them that the dragons are not that bad, Stoick says to stop the fight. Maybe he says so, because he remebered Valka, and how she got "killed" because she wouldn't kill a dragon, just like Hiccup. I would like to know your thoughts about it and sorry for my english.

Oh no worries sweetie!! I loved getting this ask and English isn’t my first language either ;)
Yes, I do think that Stoick was that closed-minded on the first movie because he had been personally hurt by the dragons. They took away his wife, Hiccup’s mother, and so for that very same son of his to side with them…
It’s understandable that he felt betrayed. We don’t know if Hiccup knew of his mother’s disappearance’s story. It doesn’t show in his bonding with dragons, at least. We don’t see him guilty over betraying his MOTHER, specifically. But still.
Yes I think the scene holds more meaning now that we’ve seen the second movie :)


I actually love this scene to bits it’s one of the first time Hiccup is 100℅ sure of what he wants and appears so strong and convinced, in posture and look and what he says, so much Astrid recognises it don’t try to argue more. As a Viking she respects that.

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So I saw many people saying that Tangled and Frozen have mothers and daughters that look exactly the same and how those people “used to love Disney before they got lazy” but I just wanted to make a tiny reminder that Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel are not the only ones who look a lot like their moms, okay? Seriously.

Let me explain to you a thing that I like to call genetics